The event "How Knowledgeable You Are Kids" is an inter-school competition that has been organized for several years. The competition is a collaborative project between public and private educational institutions in the southern region of Ecuador and northern Peru. Students from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade of basic education from these institutions participate in the competition to stimulate their intellect and encourage their interest in general culture in English.

The event has gained popularity due to its focus on the productive skills of the English language, which are fundamental for effective communication. With the help of their teachers, students prepare to demonstrate their mastery of the linguistic competencies acquired in the English language. In addition to being an opportunity for students to strengthen their language skills, "How Knowledgeable You Are Kids" also seeks to strengthen bonds of friendship and camaraderie between educational institutions from different provinces and countries. It is expected that these links will foster the development of future corporate projects in the field of education.

Overall, "How Knowledgeable You Are Kids" has become an effective way to promote participation in events related to the English language and recognize the linguistic talent of students. Many of the students who have participated in the event have been motivated to continue their education in English and participate in similar events at national and international levels.

    General Objective:

  • To demonstrate mastery of the productive skills of the English language in students from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade of basic education, through the implementation of linguistic competencies acquired in English as a fundamental means of communication.

    Specific Objectives:

  • Encourage the interest of students from 5th, 6th, and 7th grade of basic education in the English language.
  • Identify the level of linguistic competency in the English language.
  • Foster friendship and camaraderie among educational institutions from different provinces and countries, which will facilitate the development of future corporate projects in the field of education.
  • Promote the participation of educational institutions in the southern region of Ecuador and northern Peru in events related to the English language.
  • Encourage student participation in national and international events.




The contest contents will be divided into five categories, and the questions within each category will have a score ranging from 10 to 50 points, depending on their level of difficulty.

  • Category 1: Our planet
    • Continents
    • Countries and nationalities.
    • Weather conditions.
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Ask about location using prepositions of place.
    • Celebrations and seasons.
    • Simple future tense with will.
    • Simple present and past forms of the verb to be.
    • Category 2: Appearance
      • Physical appearance adjectives.
      • Questions with what (3rd person).
      • Clothing items and accessories.
      • Simple present statements with comparatives.
      • Simple present statements with superlatives.
      • Simple present, affirmative statements with like, want, need and have.
      • Questions with what and which.
      • Category 3: Vacation
        • Camping: In the woods, making camp.
        • Simple past tense.
        • Past continuous.
        • Sports.
        • Simple past statements with known regular and irregular verbs and time expressions.
        • Food: How many and how much.
        • Quantifiers.
        • Category 4: Health
          • Daily routines.
          • Adverbs of frequency.
          • Questions with how and adverbs of manner.
          • Suggestions and advice for health problems using should and shouldn’t.
          • Modal verbs of obligation: have to, don’t have to, must, mustn’t.
          • Modal verbs.
          • Zero conditional.
          • Category 5: Entertainment
            • Fairy tales.
            • Animated movies (Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros).
            • Cartoons.
            • Electronic devices.
            • Music (iconic songs, singers, genres).
            • Sports (Famous sports and athletes around the world).
            • Internet (Famous youtubers, social networks)
          • REGISTRATION:

              Participation in the event is institutional and not individual. Therefore, educational institutions are responsible for registering participants, following the procedure indicated below:

            • Number of participants: Each institution may register two students.
            • b. Registration opening: Registrations will be open from March 29th to April 21st, 2023. Registrations outside of this period will not be allowed.
            • c. Registration: Registrations will be made online through the website www.sangerardo.edu.ec, in the BIOLEAGE / REGISTRATIONS section, selecting the HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE KIDS event.
            • d. Registration form: Participating institutions must complete the registration form in its entirety and send it by email to the event at hkya@sangerardo.edu.ec. The registration form will be provided online and must be completed electronically.

              EVENT REGULATIONS:

            • From the "San Gerardo" School:

              • Provide a suitable and safe environment for the event.
              • Ensure transparency of the event at all times.
              • Provide timely and clear information to participants and their representatives.
              • Provide the necessary materials for the development of the event.
              • Deliver medals and diplomas to the winners.
              • Solve any inconvenience that may arise during the event.
            • From the participants:

              • Two students from each educational institution will participate, who will work as a team.
              • The students must be legally enrolled in fifth, sixth or seventh year of basic general education.
              • Only students from educational institutions that have completed their registration and do not come from English-speaking countries may participate.
              • Note: If it is found that the participants do not comply with the above regulations, the institution and its participants will be automatically disqualified.
              • From the representative of the educational institution:

                Each educational institution must appoint a representative, who will have the following functions:

                • Act as a link between the participating institution and the "HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE KIDS" event.
                • Adequately and timely inform authorities, students, and parents about participation arrangements in the event.
                • Register the students of their institution to participate in the event, on the website www.sangerardo.edu.ec, filling out each registration form correctly.
                • They must present themselves half an hour before the start of the event at the assigned venue.

                About the competition:

              • The competition questions will be of general knowledge. The categories and topics will be sent in advance to the participating institutions.
              • There will be a panel containing all the questions, divided into categories and with scores from 10 to 50 points. The categories and questions already answered will be marked.
              • There will be a table set up with 5 buttons and lights, one for each participating group.
              • The jury will give the opening to the group that presses the button the fastest to answer the question. If the answer is correct, the partial or total score of the question will be assigned, and the group will have the right to choose the next category and question.
              • After being given the right to answer, the group will have 10 seconds to give the answer to the question. Otherwise, the question will be eliminated.
              • The eliminations will be held in rounds depending on the number of participating teams. Likewise, the order of participation of each team will be drawn, and the group with the highest score will advance to the next round.
              • Participants with the highest scores will advance to a final round to determine the first and second place according to the score obtained.
              • The first question of any category and with a score of 10, will be chosen by the presenter.
              • For each question, any group can answer.
              • If a question is not answered by any group or is answered incorrectly, it will be eliminated. The presenter will choose the next question for 10 points.
              • If a team presses the button before the presenter finishes reading the question, they will not be able to answer it. If this rule is violated three times, the institution will be disqualified.
              • The questions of 10, 20, and 30 points will be multiple-choice. The participants must select the correct answer from several options presented.
              • For answers to high-scoring questions (40 and 50 points, respectively), students must give a complete sentence answer (e.g. What is the name of the current president of Ecuador? The name of the current president of Ecuador is Guillermo Lasso). Otherwise, the answer will only have a value lower than its score, at the discretion of the jury.

                About the judging committee:

              • The Judging Committee will be made up of three members unrelated to the "San Gerardo" School, preferably teachers from universities and/or educational institutions that are not participating.
              • The three judges will divide the tasks of evaluating the participation of each student, verifying that the answers are correct, and controlling the time.
              • After 10 seconds have elapsed, if a student has not answered, the timekeeper will stop the question with the word "THANK YOU" and the question will be eliminated.
              • There will be a coordinator from the "San Gerardo" School who will keep track of the number of questions answered by each group.
              • The Committee will be responsible for issuing the results. If they consider it necessary, they may request the collaboration of suitable people belonging to the Organizing Institution to speed up the qualification process.
                • About the competition results:

                • The first and second place winners will be awarded medals and respective diplomas, and a participation diploma will be given to all teams, or the winners will be announced on the closing day of the BIOLEAGE 2023 event.
                • The award ceremony will take place during the Closing Program on May 19th, 2023.


                  The Academic Excellence Award was created as a means of recognition to those institutions that excel in the different events of the Gerardina Binational Olympics of Academic Excellence (BIOLEAGE for its acronym in Spanish).

                  In each of the events that constitute BIOLEAGE 2023, gold medals will be awarded for the first place, silver for the second, and bronze for the third. Each medal will have a points scheme, which will be applied only if the medal was achieved with a score greater than the 75% of the total event’s grade, that is: 10 points are awarded for each gold medal obtained in a test, 7 for a silver, and 5 for a bronze one. Through this system, any institution that gets the minimum score of 300 points out of the total may become a creditor of this Award. In the event of a tie in points, the number of gold medals obtained under the scoring modality will be taken into account.

                Activity Date
                Registration March 29th, to April 21st, 2023
                HOW KNOWLEDGEABLE YOU ARE events. May 18th, 2023
                Time 11:00 am
                Announcement of results and ceremony. May 19th, 2023



                  For more information, contact the "San Gerardo" School.

                • Pompeya Campus (Km. 3.5 via Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador)
                • Phone: 07 2545744 / Fax 07 2545743
                • Office hours: Monday to Friday from 07:15 to 14:15
                • Email: hkya@sangerardo.edu.ec
                • Website: www.sangerardo.edu.ec
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